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About Kávičkovo

The idea of founding Kávičkovo was born with a cup of quality coffee from a good friend who runs a café in Košice. Until then, I thought of a "coffee" as a watered Turk. As soon as I took my first tasty fragrant sip, it was a completely new experience for me, which I had never known before. I fell in love with that feeling. In my mind, I danced as if no one was looking.

For me, coffee is a taste, a passion, an pleasure. It is relaxation, rest and a moment of well-being in our modern hectic world. Fresh coffee has never been more attractive than today. It is a phenomenon of today.

Discover with me the diverse tastes of world-class coffees from the comfort of your home.

Stop for a moment and enjoy the world of tempting delights and scents roasted in your native Slovakia.

The world's best coffee

Travel the world with me across America to Indonesia. The selected types of coffee are a guarantee of quality and our technologist with 20 years of experience in the field of coffee roasting will guarantee a rich experience full of flavor from the first sip.

We pay attention to the quality we offer you.

Tick your taste buds and we will be very happy if you share this experience with us.

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