Plum wine

Plum wine is a unique fruit wine, made from fresh and delicious plums, coming from our orchards.

5.90 €
The fine technology of processing fresh and at the same time ripe plums, as well as the method of their production, guarantees the unmistakable taste and aroma of this fruit. The wine is dark orange, almost coral. Extractive aroma of fermented plums, beautifully intensifies the freshness of this delicious drink. The taste is pleasantly refreshing and together with the residual sugar, gives the wine a beautiful harmony and uniqueness. Wine is our witness, still dumb in the bottle, but eloquent in the glass and mouth.

TIP: Try to warm the wine before eating it and you will feel a more intense taste.

Country of origin: Slovakia
Volume: 0.75l
Alcohol: 11.5%