Flower honey 950g

Flower honey is a natural concentrate of nectars from flowers and plants, mostly medicinal and fruit trees, which bee collects from spring to the beginning of agate flowering. It is easily digestible due to the higher content of simple sugars glucose and fructose, so crystallization occurs relatively quickly. It contains mostly pollen grains, which enrich honey.

Therefore, it is not suitable for allergy sufferers.

It is yellow to dark brown in color, depending on the type of flower from which the bees take nectar. Honey strengthens and soothes. It helps with convalescence, supports the growth of muscle mass and as a support during sports performances. Honey is directly from the beekeeper without any additives, preservatives or dyes.

We only sell pure natural bee honey without any treatment, which means that you get honey directly from the hive from us.
10.00 €