Honeydew honey 950g

Honeydew forest honey is formed during the overgrowth of aphids, mainly on deciduous and mixed stands. Honey is a darker color caused by plant dyes in the pulp of trees, which change color in the air. Honey is reddish brown or dark brown, sometimes even black. Compared to flower honeys, it contains more fructose and dextrins, but mainly more minerals and trace elements. It is often more difficult to digest compared to other honeys. It is not intended for normal use or for baking, but as a teaspoon daily.
Not recommended for young children and people who have digestive problems.

It contains either no or a small amount of pollen, which is suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Used for injuries and difficult to heal wounds. Honey is directly from the beekeeper without any additives, preservatives or dyes.

We only sell pure natural bee honey without any treatment, which means that you get honey directly from the hive from us.
12.50 €