Mixed flower honey 950g

Mixed flower honey is a natural concentrate of nectar from flowers and plants found in meadows, pastures and fields, mostly medicinal. Honey also contains nectar from agate and linden flowers, because it was extracted after their flowering. It is easily digestible due to the higher content of glucose and fructose. It contains pollen grains of various plants, which enrich honey with important substances with stimulating effects, plant hormones, essential oils, aromatic substances.

The designation mixed flower honey is not due to the fact that this honey is mixed, by my beekeeper, from several types of honey, but the reason is that this honey does not come from the nectar of predominantly one type of plant such as e.g. white agate, but honey is composed of the nectar of a large number of different plants that the bees brought to the hive. So this honey was mixed by the bees themselves.
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